book by its color

when jason and i moved in together, we had to combine our book collections. when there is a pile of things that need to get organized, you bet i get excited. so i did what any person would do, i spent three hours organizing the books by author’s last name, naturally. that was about a year ago. we’ve collected more books over the year, and then there was the bat incident…(a bat somehow lodged itself between two bookshelves and broke it’s wing…and we had to take off all the books and trap it in a pot and pan. true story.)

so things have generally gotten a little less organized on the bookshelves. i had a thought of organizing by color, but then thought no, that would be crazy. then i saw what the finished product could look like on little green notebook. and i thought hey, it’s 8:30pm on a thursday night, sounds like a great time to start taking everything off the shelves…


and at about eleven thirty, after sorting the books into piles by genre (which i later nixed) and finding lots of funny things we’ve used as bookmarks in the past, i decided it was bedtime. as you can imagine, i was very pleased to come home to this after work on friday (jason is traveling, thank god). but the end result makes the ocd part of me very happy. what do you think?



and these little guys i picked up at goodwill for $2 were added to the mix:


here’s the view form above:


pretty great, no?


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