pillows of shame

you may remember that we upholstered a headboard last month for our guest bedroom/study. you may also remember that the original fabric couldn’t be used for the headboard due to the direction of the pattern, so, it was designated for pillows of shame. today, i made my first pillow of shame.


let’s start off by saying that i don’t know how to sew. that’s not to say that i haven’t used a sewing machine before – back in high school i was obsessed with the show “trading spaces.” i think i attempted a couple of things to no avail and gave up quickly. i wanted to learn how to properly use a sewing machine. it just seems like a good life skill.

anne joined me in taking a beginner’s class at the sewcial lounge – a local fabric shop owned by a really nice (and patient) girl who recently came back from her honeymoon in costa rica, so we had that in common.



while the class is three hours, it really does cover the fundamentals well. and now i have pillows of shame. and anne has a dinosaur pillow, which is so damn cute.


2 thoughts on “pillows of shame

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