the finishing touch

the curtains are the sparkly bow on top of the present:


the study is done. it finally feels complete. i tried to take a panoramic of the whole thing, but unfortunately there is no good angle to take it at without it getting all warped. so, instead, here are some of the highlights of the individual pieces. part 1 – the dresser and part 2 – the lamp.


part 3 – the bed.


part 4 – office desk.


i don’t know what i love the most. now we just need guests to come over…and enjoy the new guest bedroom/office/study/globe storage area.

and here are a couple of lessons that i learned from all the DIY work:

  • don’t do projects that require the use of your garage in the winter. you’ll want to park your cars there.
  • double check. triple check. quadruple check the fabric you buy. or you’ll end up with pillows of shame. future pillows of shame, they’re on my list of things to make.
  • do not spraypaint inside. seriously.
  • you can return things to target all the time. over and over again. until you get it right.
  • bedskirts suck. why isn’t there something better out there? also jason and i fundamentally disagree about the use/need of bedskirts.
  • take better before pictures. i get too excited and get to work. and then i can’t show the upgrade quite like i want to.

now onto bigger and better things! just kidding. i think we’ll take a break from any big projects, and work on some little stuff. i’ve got no shortage of a list!

*update – jason gave me the satisfaction of crossing this off our chalkboard wall:


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