a new upholstered headboard

we’ve made another day of progress on the study. today was the bed re-do:


this was our starting point. we wanted to change out the headboard and the bedding to mix things up:


ironically, we realized this morning that the fabric that i purchased originally and based most of the room design around wouldn’t work. the pattern would need to be sideways in order for it to be the right size. so…we had to scrap the original fabric and go out and buy something new. here is the original fabric. it’ll be made into pillows. pillows of shame:


after spending two hours driving around between the sewcial lounge (it’s a great local shop, i’ll probably take lessons there sometime), michael’s, joann fabrics, and menards, we finally got moving on the project. we started out with three separate pieces of wood that jason sawed and screwed together. if only we had a big enough car to get this all in one piece, that would have been convenient:


next, we glued two inch foam on the wood using the world’s most toxic glue:


we trimmed the extra foam off the board. you can see how the boards are bracketed together. i promise i was doing work i just also was the only one taking photos:


there i am. stapling the batting. corners are the worst:


and putting the final staple into the fabric:


and now to attach it to the wall. one of these on the headboard, one of these on the wall:


and there is the final product. i’m very happy with the result, this room is really starting to come together!



3 thoughts on “a new upholstered headboard

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